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chairman's message

Farida Alaujan Mohammed

Chief Executive Officer
Al Marbad Investments.

Farida Alaujan Mohammed


Al Marbad Investments was established in July 2015 as a venture capital arm of Al Marbad Group. Its mission is to promote innovation and improve the international competitiveness of business development firms, all toward the broader goal of helping to solve the global social and industrial issues.

Promoting an open-innovation framework that transcends the existing industrial-model and leads to the creation of new industries is one of the most important policy goals for the middle-east as its economy must account for one of the world's most rapidly aging societies and a steadily declining labor population. The UAE's venture ecosystem has developed dramatically through the support and collaboration of related industries, but there is more that can be done.

UAE has the potential to develop an even greater world-Cass venture ecosystem rooted in its industry and corporate culture through the collaboration of the public and private sectors, by continuing to provide risk-money to different stages of development, seeking entrepreneurs, nurturing a diverse labor force, encouraging deeper collaboration among startups and large corporations, and steadily implementing the innovations of UAE's startups.

As professionals of a government-backed fund, we aim to contribute to the further development of the venture ecosystem in the UAE with our dedication to this goal, a sense of mission, a public mind, and a strong passion to collaborate with ambitious entrepreneurs, venture capitals, business corporations, academics, and the public sector.